What is e-Pocket Ticketing Portal all about?

e-Pocket is an excellent platform for event organisers. By registering with e-Pocket as an event organiser, you will have access to the ticketing portal. The customers will be able to utilise their e-Pocket decentralised wallet, using both fiat and crypto currencies, to purchase the tickets to your event.

On the portal you'll be able to:

Upload event information and photos
Set the date when the tickets will be released on the network
Enter and update all events details (tickets type and prices with customisable discounts options), issue additional tickets, close tickets sale
View and manage in real time tickets sale and all relevant analytics
Send a link and push notifications to all your customers

How e-Pocket Ticketing Portal works?

Post the events from your own Admin panel with a whole range of settings at your disposal.

Then e-Pocket users will be able to purchase the tickets on their mobile phones by using one of the payment options. The customer can then forward electronic tickets to family and friends, who also can print their tickets, or keep it electronically to their devices to scan at the event venue gate.

For event organiser:

Open e-Pocket event admin console and login

Send request to sell tickets for an event

Event approved by e-Pocket moderator

Tickets released to public

For Customer:

Open e-Pocket app and login

Select the ticket

Pick from your stored cards or e-Pocket wallet

Pay for the ticket

Our ticketing system is very secure. Once the ticket got scanned, it can't be reused.

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