What is e-Pocket all about?

A cutting-edge application that will provide a secure and simple solution to foster the financial transactions; an ecosystem with integrated features that will elicit a ‘wow’ factor from end user using both financial worlds - cryptocurrency and fiat.

No setup cost

No hidden fees, no setup cost, no terminal required.

No internet connection required

No internet connection required to receive payments with e-Pocket in comparison with the POS terminal, which requires either wired or wireless internet to accept payments.

Visibility on the map

e-Pocket promotes your business on their system driving customers to your site.

No need to print a receipt

All the receipts are saved to the system automatically, so both businesses and customers can access them and print at any time.

Low flat rate cost

e-Pocket provides flat rate cost for all card providers (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX).

Ability to accept AUD and crypto

You can receive the payments in both crypto and fiat currencies, manage all your currencies and convert your crypto to cash at any time.

Advertise to e-Pocket users

e-Pocket provides a platform to advertise your business to the internal ecosystem of users.

Accept payments anywhere

As the payments are received via QR code, this can be printed on a piece of paper and displayed anywhere.

No more merchant fees at the end of the month

e-Pocket charges you a low flat rate on every transaction, so there is no surprise invoice at the end of the month.

How e-Pocket works?

The user pays the bill by scanning the business QR code at the point of sale and selects the method of payment (stored bank/credit card, e-Pocket wallet, POLI payment or cryptocurrency). The transaction is then complete.

Both business and customer will receive the payment notification instantly.


What we do


e-Pocket attracts new customers by adding value in different ways to each customer segments.


e-Pocket advertises your business on our website, social media and mobile platform. We will drive clients to you!


We provide technical and customer service support 24/7.

What you get


With e-Pocket, you can advertise to e-Pocket users.

Add on

e-Pocket is an additional way to your common merchant terminal to receive payments.


You only get charged when you accept the payment via e-Pocket. No hidden fees!

Scan & Go

Payments to suit all environments

Low cost

We charge one simple low cost fee

Secure & safe

Encrypted QR environment and wallet on a decentralised system


Accept fiat and major Crypto currencies

Get paid fast and with no hassle with e-Pocket!


Do I need to replace my existing merchant terminal?

No, e-Pocket is an additional way to accept payments.

Are there any setup or subscription cost?

No, you get charged only when the client is using e-Pocket. No use no charge.

Can the QR code be printed on the piece of paper to accept payments?

Your business QR code can be displayed on any device or printed on the piece of paper.

Can I accept cryptocurrency only?

You can either accept cryptocurrency, fiat or both at the same time.

Help us improve your experience with e-Pocket!