International payment has never been this simple, fast or seamless until now.

e-Pocket’s newfound ability to seamlessly accept WeChat payments is the culmination of a collective passion. This service could not have existed without the wealth of talent that we harbour, enabling you as the customer to bridge the gap between yourself and the financial sector.

Retaining its familiarity, e-Pocket is now a more comfortable and accurate platform for making payments globally. e-Pocket has been refined down to its core, obsessing over the simplicity of an entirely liquid money management system. This high liquidity ecosystem enables a customer in a different country to transfer their native currency overseas, which is directly converted into the foreign currency, with no sub-optimal exchange rates or ludicrous commissions.

Source: Canva.com

Simplicity has defined this new system's framework, which is as simple as scanning a QR code to pay via WeChat. We have reimagined international payment utility now allowing vendors to accept foreign countries' payments in AUD without even having WeChat themselves.

To maximise utility, our dedicated team of engineers took a revolutionary approach to ensure that payment was as fast as possible. In fact, instead of waiting for a transfer to take place, our infinitely liquid payment system allows transfers from the WeChat user to the merchant within seconds of scanning the merchants QR code. We have unified every aspect of money management so that e-pocket is an entirely cross-compatible currency platform.

That means that e-Pocket can give you the real exchange rate at the point in time when you transfer funds.

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