New Year, New e-Pocket!

We can finally say goodbye to 2020, and hello to 2021!

They say that the only way to survive in this world is to adapt and overcome, and that's just what we have done at e-Pocket. Our tech team has been working hard to improve our platform, bringing our clients a new user interface, a new trading platform and heightened security (to name a few).

We have integrated our iconic 'Atomic Exchange', API connectivity to the top-5 cryptocurrency exchange markets in the world. Meaning our clients no longer need to rely on a single exchange to place a cryptocurrency order. Through e-Pocket's Trading platform, you have the top-5 cryptocurrency exchanges at your fingertips, ensuring your order will be fulfilled at the best possible price, faster than on any other platform.

On top of saving you money, the 'Atomic Exchange' is a high liquidity hub, essentially meaning that we have created a hub where your purchases and sales can be made immediately, with a minimal price impact.

Market liquidity relies on four different factors: time, spread, depth and resilience. Time refers to how quickly the execution of an order can take place at the prevailing price. Spread refers to the tightness of the price; whether you can buy and sell at a similar price. Depth refers to the quantities available for trading; can large quantities be bought and sold without the price changing significantly? Finally, resilience refers to whether the correction of any market imbalances can take place in a short amount of time.

e-Pocket's Atomic Exchange meets all four of these requirements, providing our clients with the best trading platform available today.

Once we had perfected our back-end functions, we decided it was time to re-design our user interface to ensure our clients have a clean and comfortable use of our platform. We have stripped back our front-end design whilst maintaining our standard wallet functions. As we have created a complex platform in terms of its operation, we felt it was essential to ensure we did not do too much with the user interface.

As such, we have kept the layout of the wallet and trading platforms straightforward by keeping their designs similar at surface level. Once we delve into the back-end functions of the systems, however, they could not be more different.

Customers can still upload money directly from their bank card and use POLi Pay. PayPal is also now available for our Australian customers to upload money to their e-Pocket Wallet. For our international customers, we have a range of options to upload money onto your e-Pocket Wallet. For our European customers, Plaid is available to upload money into the Wallet. For African customers, Orange Money is available for uploads, and our Chinese customers are also able to upload money through WeChat. From the e-Pocket Wallet, clients can transfer money directly across to their e-Pocket Trading account, which is automatically converted to USD, ready to be traded to cryptocurrency.

The updated platform will still utilise QR codes for any transfer of fiat money or cryptocurrency, meaning that all you need to do is scan the business or individual's QR code to transfer any funds. This transfer will take place within seconds, as the need to move your money through banks is now redundant. If you are not a QR pro, there is still the option to key in the individual's mobile number that linked to their e-Pocket account to make the transfer.

We have also introduced two-factor-authentication into our new platform for any transactions over $100. This two-factor authentication is an essential and proactive step to provide an additional level of protection against scammers, hackers and fraud whilst using the e-Pocket platform.

We have not stopped here! The new e-Pocket iOS and Android application is in its final stages of development and will allow you to access your e-Pocket Wallet and Trading platforms from your mobile.

Check out the new e-Pocket web portal, and make those New Year Resolutions come true!

Please don’t hesitate to send us an email at support@e-pocket.com.au or give us a call on 03 8566 8869 if you have any enquiries.

The e-Pocket Team

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