e-Pocket - Time to update

Dear Investors,

We will start with a very promising news… e-Pocket is negotiating a banking licence and ability to operate as an open banking platform in New Zealand. This will definitely give e-Pocket community an opportunity to expand their services to other countries, starting with New Zealand.

On another note, e-Pocket Ticketing department is working on enhancing its platform to reach more event’s organisers and individuals. Spring being on our doorstep, there will be increased number of events to tap into with a customised approach. Furthermore, by the end of next week, a dedicated section will also be inserted on e-Pocket website which will enable ticket purchase for all current and upcoming listed events. Event’s organisers will also be able to log into their portal to manage their events in real time.

We are also running a START UP Competition at universities during which e-Pocket with a panel of judges will be assessing and rewarding students’ entrepreneurial skills and business ideas.

Another great focus these coming months will also be for our e-Pocket OTC provider service team to start reaching out to Institutional level customers for high volume cryptocurrencies purchase.

Our International operation in West Africa is progressing smoothly with the finalisation of a banking relationship which will enable us to start our OTC service.

If you have any event or know of event organisers as well as Individuals or Businesses interested in purchasing cryptocurrencies, you may refer them to e-Pocket website www.e-pocket.com.au or drop us an email at info@e-pocket.com.au

The e-Pocket Team

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