e-Pocket - Time to update

Dear Investors,

We have exciting news: Version 1.2 of our App is now available on iOS and Android! Be sure to get the new update to experience all the new features.

We've also reached an important milestone in the development of the e-Pocket platform.With this new update, your accounts have been upgraded: the App now provides you with e-Pocket wallet addresses, letting you conveniently view your Bitcoin, Ethereum and most importantly EPT balances, once you've transferred them to those generated addresses.(as per screenshot below)

We will also be integrating other cryptocurrencies further down the line to meet user demands.

Due to the Ethereum hard-fork being delayed, there may be some small glitches displaying your balances when transferring ETH/EPT across the blockchain to your e-Pocket Ethereum wallet. Thus, we suggest everyone wait till the completion of the Ethereum hard fork to transfer ETH/EPT from other wallets.

Another great feature we’ve added to e-Pocket is Geo-Location: e-Pocket users can now easily find all listed e-Pocket businesses within a 15 km radius. Users are given the location, as well as directions to get to merchants using Google Maps.

Once a merchant logs into their account and confirms their address, their business becomes visible on the e-Pocket map. You can access the feature from the e-Pocket Menu option on your iOS or Android App.

We are currently preparing a large promotional campaign, in anticipation of university openings at: Latrobe, RMIT Bundoora and Melbourne University Parkville campuses in Melbourne, targeting students and merchants in precincts and around university premises. In the meantime, we will hold a giveaway with different prizes, to assist with onboarding new users and by bringing them to existing e-Pocket merchants.

A team member is currently in Africa meeting with identified potential partners in the banking and telecommunications industry. He will be finalizing the selection process and is presently building relationships with large African banks in order to establish our cross-border payment operations which will be powered by the EPT tokens.

On another front, our prospection in China has yielded a partnership agreement with LAEX Exchange, which will give our platform great exposure and help us reach the Asian market. LAEX developers are currently working on integrating EPT on their exchange.

Another piece of great news: e-Pocket is now listed as OTC provider. We have welcomed our new personalized OTC (Over-the-counter) service which will allow customers to execute high volume trades, without worrying about any market volatility while executing the trade.

We provide personal support and fast execution to our merchants at competitive prices. We will be starting with bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as accepted crypto currencies.

This is the time for all Investors to share the e-Pocket App. Spread the word to people you know, and to businesses you often go to/know the owner of, because e-Pocket’s one-stop-shop platform has a fantastic and innovative value proposition. On top of greatly reduced transaction fees and getting money in their account faster, (what more do they need?) merchants also get a more convenient payment option for their customers, and receive a great free advertising tool.

To sum it up, we encourage everyone to download e-Pocket on their Android and iOS devices (search “e-Pocket” on the Apple or Google Play store), and also using the Web portal (https://www.e-pocket.com.au/login.php). After creating your account, you can transfer all our major cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH and EPT) to your newly created wallets, giving you better visibility of these cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, we should all participate in e-Pocket platforms use, promotion and gathering feedback as this is where, as Investors, we will all see our return on investment. Our working product is now on the market and is our best asset to conquer the world.

This is our time to shine!

If you have any further enquiries, please email us at info@e-pocket.com.au

The e-Pocket Team

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