e-Pocket is Leading the Evolution Of Mobile Fintech Applications

One of the consequences of the widespread adoption of mobile phones is the rise of a new tech culture commonly referred to as the “app culture.” Running on the operating system of mobile phones, software applications commonly known as “apps” have now become the order of the day. These apps have a variety of applications and can handle day-to-day tasks ranging from entertainment and gaming to navigation and weather forecasts.

As with every other technological innovation, the mobile app is evolving. App ecosystem trends keep changing with the integration of new technologies. Experts are predicting a rise in video streaming apps, interconnectivity, and mobile banking thanks to ingenious technologies like IoT, blockchain and Artificial intelligence. Despite the positive projection, most apps are still limited in function since they can only perform one specific task.

The mobile payment market is one of such areas hampered by this rigidity. Conventional apps have failed to address key issues in mobile payment/banking including problems associated with security, transaction speed, and exorbitant fees. Moreover, with the growing interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, we are now seeing a higher use of digital assets as the world transitions into the cashless age. Despite this, most mobile payment apps only offer payment solutions that utilise fiat or cryptos, and not both. This has greatly limited the payment options available to tech-savvy users.

Perhaps there is a solution in sight?

e-Pocket, a sophisticated mobile app is now offering an all-in-one payment solution which aims to solve the problems that plague contemporary mobile payment systems. By leveraging innovative concepts like QR scanning and the emerging blockchain technology, the e-Pocket app enhances financial transactions, improves trade and offers better money management solutions.

As a multifunctional app, e-Pocket provides mobile payment solutions that cut across different areas including:

Security: Security risks like phone loss, malware attacks and cyber theft have hindered the mass adoption of mobile payment apps. e-Pocket puts the nip in the bud by adopting a top-notch wallet storage system which stores crypto funds on a secured blockchain, keeping them safe in the event of a hack or phone loss.

Diverse payment options: unlike other mobile payment apps focus solely on fiat or cryptocurrency, e-Pocket adopts a flexible approach to payment solutions, allowing its users to store, share and make payments via fiat and cryptocurrency, giving them multiple payment options.

Advertisement solutions: In a bid to also provide marketing solutions for merchants, the e-Pocket app can also be used as a highly effective advertising tool for targeting a specific audience. The system offers 3 advertising options to choose from; geolocation, time and simple push notifications.

Transaction/Merchant fees: Recognizing that the issue of high transaction fees is a major problem for online payment platforms, e-Pocket has incorporated a system which lowers transaction fees, providing its users with an affordable system for payment and advertising.

Transaction efficiency: e-Pocket simplifies the process of transferring value; now for the first time, money (both fiat and crypto) can be efficiently transferred by utilising QR code scanning, email addresses or phone numbers. The integration of a distributed ledger also eliminates the need for printing receipts since proof of all transactions are stored on the app.

Efficient exchange system: A highly effective exchange system has been incorporated into the e-Pocket platform, allowing its users to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum within the e-Pocket ecosystem and get the cash equivalent instantly loaded to their wallets.

Cashless Policy: e-Pocket makes going cashless exciting. Thanks to its innovative approach, Merchants can receive payment on their mobile devices, tablets or a piece of paper without requiring a terminal.

With its multi-faceted functionality e-Pocket is leading a revolution amongst its fintech apps counterparts by spearheading the evolution of apps from monofunctional systems to multifunctional systems, thus, completely redefining what constitutes a mobile app.

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