e-Pocket - Time to update

Dear Investors,

First and foremost let's congratulate the Technology team as they were able to successfully integrate EPT into e-Pocket Wallet feature.

Now, each Investor, after creating an account on the e-Pocket platform, can experience viewing the balance and value of their EPT on our Web based and Android platforms.

EPT section as per below screenshot will be gradually deployed on the upcoming IOS interface.

Another great News is that the IOS version of the e-Pocket App is almost ready and will be uploaded to the Apple store within the next couple of weeks while developers will keep working on finalising the crypto Menu option.

While we’re waiting for further news from Binance, we are happy to announce that e-Pocket New Zealand was born October 26, 2018.

We are currently holding very interesting discussions with Cryptopia Exchange and further partnerships prospects with number of associations and businesses in New Zealand who are very excited to accept e-Pocket as an innovative method of payment.

China, Senegal, South Africa and Israel are among other great market segments e-Pocket is exploring to tap in.

We are establishing our agents in these countries to seal some partnerships prospect and get a deep understanding of these markets. In the meantime our sales team is still heavily focused in signing more merchants in Australia and get more users on the e-Pocket platform.

We also welcome the initiative taken by a few Investors to spread the words within their state and local areas.

They have been presenting and forwarding e-Pocket promotional and marketing materials to their local businesses.

Our marketing team will start scheduling roadshows as soon as all e-Pocket Android and IOS platforms are fully functional and tested with all additional features such as geo-localisation and advertising integrated in the e-Pocket ecosystem.

We will get in touch in the next couple of weeks to communicate to all Investors the opportunity to transfer their EPT and other cryptocurrencies to their e-Pocket Wallet.

If you have any further enquiries, please email us at info@e-pocket.com.au

The e-Pocket Team

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