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e-Pocket is an advanced mobile platform that delivers sophisticated payment solutions through a range of sectors including, Retail, Hospitality and Event management, E-billing and Marketing.

The e-Pocket technology framework is designed uniquely to accommodate different services related to various industries to meet the needs of consumers and businesses. At this present moment, the platform enables users to buy, sell and store all the major cryptocurrencies as well as facilitating fiat money payment solution.

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What does the e-Pocket mobile App enable you to do?

Simple, safe, flexible and yet suitable technology to meet the needs of both consumers and businesses.

Transfer Person to Person

Individual consumers on the e-Pocket network or outside, can send any currency or crypto coins to each other, free of charge or with a very low fee. The transaction may occur by scanning individual QR code or by entering user mobile phone details.

Consumer payments to Businesses

Individual users can pay their bills by scanning businesses QR codes at the point of sales or from business paper/electronic bill. Then select their payment method (stored credit/bank cards, e-Pocket wallet, or crypto-currency).

Business/Supplier name and contact details are then recognised and displayed on user’s phone who is prompted for payment. Both user’s and businesses/Suppliers will receive instant payment notification.


Businesses have the option of sending information about their special events to their customer database registered to e-Pocket via push notifications whenever users’ opt-in for the feature.

Create and manage Ticketing events

Event organisers may post their events from their own Admin panel with a whole range of settings at their disposal:

  • Upload flyers and pre-set date the tickets are released on the network
  • Enter and update all events details (tickets type and prices with customisable discounts options, release additional tickets, close tickets sale…)
  • View and manage in real time tickets sale and all relevant analytics
  • Send a link and push notifications to all their customer's database

Customer on their smartphone device may use their e-Pocket app to purchase their tickets selecting their preferred payment methods (bank/credit cards stored in their wallet, e-Pocket wallet balance or cryptocurrency exchange balance). The customer can then forward electronic tickets to family and friends, who also can print their receipts and tickets, or keep their tickets electronically to their devices to scan at the event venue gate.

Any tickets scanned will not be reusable.

e-Pocket ultimate goal

Imagine a world where a Senegalese woman from a small village in the business of selling high-quality craft having access to an Australian company looking to purchase high-quality craft in large quantities for mass distribution. They see e-Pocket as the platform that would allow this connection to be made, and for these goods, services and payments to be exchanged directly and quickly. Imagine the positive social and economic impact it will create.

e-Pocket vision!

A Truly connected world with endless possibilities!

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