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Dear Investors,

EXCITING NEWS: EPT Tokens are now listed! We have recently made an announcement via our Telegram Channel that EPT tokens have now listed on the Openledger DEX Exchange https://openledger.io/market/EPT_ETH

The EPT was listed at USD$0.40 as promised.

Since listing, recent activity has seen the price fluctuate and stabilise to the current price of USD$0.65 with ETH pairing as per OpenLedger record.

This type of margin in such a short period of time is a good sign that we are onto something, however the primary focus for us all now is to work towards creating consistent volumes through building awareness and promoting the EPT!

We are extensively working on attaining exposure on another exchange and are currently in the middle of a potential long-term partnership deal with a top exchange who has expressed interest in some of the great features that our technology has to offer. If we agree to some key terms we should see some great things with the EPT very soon!

Furthermore, we’re in the process of launching a few campaigns to expand our social media base and to promote our technology while targeting other top-ranking coin market cap exchanges, which may require participants’ voting in order to back the listing of the EPT.

We have invested heavily in marketing with some exposure on various news channels, such as Forge magazine where our CEO Tapha Faye has been interviewed, some Australian/Chinese newspapers, social media channels, billboards and so on.

Additionally, the team has been participating in several events which have been uploaded on the News section of our website, with a few others in the pipeline in order to raise e-Pocket awareness and increase the popularity of our ambitious project. As some investors have already mentioned on our Telegram channel, bringing traction to the exchange should be a collaborative approach as we are all investors in this project. So let’s put on our Promoter Hats!

With regard to the progress on the e-Pocket platform; we are currently testing some final touches to ensure everything is spot on. The Sales team are also on the field acquiring as many merchants as possible before the launch and have been overwhelmed by the encouraging responses received from the business/merchant sector. It looks very promising ;)

We would also like to take this opportunity to invite you all to the API Day run by Deloitte at the Melbourne Convention Centre where Tapha has the honour of being invited to speak. It is a major privilege for us to have been given this opportunity to spread the word about our unique project which is to bring blockchain/cryptocurrency into practical use through our efficient and dynamic payment solution system.

The event will be held on 03/09/2018 - 04/09/2018 with tickets available via the following link: www.apidays.com.au

We would like to thank all our investors for their faith, patience and continued support.

We are continuing to build upon this success and with the help of your contribution, we are on track with expanding and promoting the e-Pocket brand.

If you have any further enquiries, please email us at info@e-pocket.com.au

The e-Pocket Team

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