e-Pocket - Time to update

Dear “e-Pocket Community”

Hope you are all keeping well and had a good couple of weeks.

On this week update, we are going to touch base on a few vital points to keep everyone on the same page.


Like we mentioned two weeks ago a lot of great things came out of the seamless expo, companies we did not even know were at the expo have noticed our work and are getting in touch. We are in discussion with a few of them and will be broadcasting the partnerships on our website once all the agreements are signed.


The building of a fully functioning Ethereum wallet is completed, Bitcoin cash wallet is under development and will follow the same logic, practical and straightforward. The e-Pocket cryptocurrency wallet is a decentralise wallet meaning it is an accessible secure storage, this is part of our goal to make cryptocurrencies a usable currency on a day to day bases.


Now users of e-Pocket App can request payment with an exact amount of ETH to anyone around the world, and the person will be notified via the app if they using e-Pocket or the request of payment will be emailed to them if they are not an e-Pocket user. Users can also send ETH to all other e-Pocket users via phone numbers or email addresses without the need of a long Ethtereum wallet address. All they need to do is enter the phone number or email address of the person they want to pay, then confirm the payment; our algorithm will instantly match that information with that specific user Ethereum wallet address and deliver the amount to their wallet.

The e-Pocket fast withdrawal functionality will enable users to transfer their major cryptocurrencies from other wallets and from exchanges to their e-Pocket wallet for a fast fiat withdrawal. It will also allow users to buy all major cryptocurrencies from the App and be able to automatically have it sent to their e-Pocket wallet without requiring any technical knowledge. This features should be completed by this week and we believe the extra safety and seamlessness this provides to crypto buyers and sellers will attract a lot of users to our platform and make cryptocurrency more accessible to the everyday users.


As we've mentioned before, we have paid Yobit and have also given them all the details they needed a few weeks ago, and they did give us a seven days waiting time to have the EPT listed on their exchange, which now have past however their excuse was that they were having some technical issues on their end but did not enter into much details about what were the problems they were facing because of this we really could not give you guys a real answer regarding the yobit listing, as they did put us on the fence about wanting to proceed with being listed on their exchange and we did communicate our concerns to them mainly because we don't want to risk losing our tokens. We are now back to talking again with Yobit and we will continue to communicate any concern we have to prevent anything that might go wrong. We will update you on this very soon.

Meanwhile we have listed the EPT on FORKDELTA for investors who want to initiate their sell and buy orders.Here is below the details on how to access the exchange and you can also go through the FAQs:

ForkDelta Exchange to initiate their sell and buy orders.


ForkDelta FAQs with comprehensive information and video tutorials.


More updates are coming soon.

The e-Pocket Team

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