e-Pocket - Time to update

Dear “e-Pocket Community”

Please kindly find below an update regarding current state of e-Pocket.


We landed back in Melbourne on Wednesday at 10 pm after a hectic few days preparing and being at the seamless expo.. the rest of the team back in Melbourne were working around the clock on the exchanges and our software due to be launched soon. Touching base on the seamless expo, it was a big and jam-packed event for the Technology world in Australia.

The uniqueness of the e-Pocket project did stand out at this expo, almost every other exhibitor came to try our technology, seeing the reaction of everyone did give us a confirmation that we are on the right track. We have been invited to a lot of meetings by big brands for potential partnership. To name a few even PayPal came back to book a meeting, and we should be meeting one of their representatives at our office in Melbourne in coming weeks again. It worth listening to them and see if there is room to work in partnership with them.


As we mentioned last week, we did reach an agreement with YOBIT to list the EPT token on their exchange. All necessary details for the integration of the EPT provided to them. However, based on the messages we are receiving through our telegram and other channels some of the investors aren't very keen on YOBIT. They are suggesting not to rush and list our tokens on YOBIT but to take our time to find exchanges with better reviews. And what we've responded to that is we won't rush into anything that has potential risk to us and our community. If the majority of the community don't want the EPT on YOBIT, then we will contact them and ask them to stop the process. We are also in the middle of discussing with other exchanges while being very vigilant and diligent. We will update you on those as we move further into an agreement with them.

The other important fact to be aware of is that the EPT is a utility token and its value doesn't depend on the exchanges and whether or not it listed on a third party exchange. We will be listing it on other exchanges just for those who want to trade their tokens with other digital currencies, but it is essential to know that the value of the EPT directly linked to the e-Pocket technology and its utility purpose within the e-Pocket ecosystem.

The EPT is the main transactional currency that listed on the e-Pocket atomic decentralised exchange and other services we will be offering to individuals and businesses. The EPT will play a massive role in the remittance and international money transfer in terms of fees. The EPT gives the right of vote to its holders to decide who can or can't be listed on our exchange. This right of the vote will give a lot of power to our long-term token holders to make sure we have an up to the standard platform that will attract the best traders and the best digital currencies in the industry. The listed above alone could increase the demand for the EPT which could drive its price to the roof, and this can occur without the need of any external exchanges from the e-Pocket atomic exchange.

So this just means that having the EPT listed on the exchanges does not mean that all investors would want to transfer and start to trade their tokens on the exchanges. Some investors would want to hold the EPT long term until it starts playing its function on the e-Pocket ecosystem which will increase the demand for the token and raise the value. Base on the scams that are going around on different exchanges I strongly suggest that you hold your tokens in safe and secure place, and even if you are to trade just transfer the small amount you want to trade and keep the rest secure.

e-Pocket Atomic Exchange

The e-pocket atomic exchange is the future of cryptocurrency exchange

The e-pocket decentralised exchange selection criteria for listing will be rigorous, and only the main currencies and tokens backed by a genuine project with legs will be considered for listing. All tokens will be securely held by their owners and exchanged safely from seller to buyer without interfering factors using the logic of the blockchain. This is one of the things we are working on at the moment to achieve, and we believe its worth achieving. Projects looking to be listed on our exchange can only pay the listing fees in EPT token and holders EPT token will also have to power to vote in or out any particular currencies.

Thanks again for your support and faith in our ambitious project.

More updates are coming soon.

The e-Pocket Team

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