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e-Pocket - We simplify people's lives through smart technologies

e-Pocket was born from the need to create a simple and efficient platform that will revolutionise the way individuals and businesses exchange funds, goods and services around the world.


Our mission is to create the tools that will improve one single element is at the core of being human, which is to lower uncertainties between people across the globe so that they can connect with one another and exchange all kinds of value.

The e-Pocket technology framework is designed uniquely to accommodate different services related to various industries to meet the needs of consumers and businesses. At this present moment, our platform enables users to buy, sell and store all the major cryptocurrencies as well as facilitating fiat money payment solution. e-Pocket will allow users to take full control of their cryptocurrencies, by having the ability to exchange their cryptocurrencies with other users within the e-Pocket ecosystem without the intermediary of any exchange platforms while having access to their private and public key. When users trade on exchanges, their private key will remain with the exchange, so the exchanges can even spend user’s cryptocurrencies without their knowledge. In essence, e-Pocket wallet gives users the ownership and allow them to control the private key. All fiat and cryptocurrencies can be used to buy goods and services, whether with the e-Pocket app, online or in-store using our technology.

This is a crucial part of the type of ecosystem we are working to create and a stepping stone towards the building blocks that make our end goal very exciting and different to anything that has been done before. Having all the necessary technologies as a foundation makes our ultimate goal not only achievable but something that is worth achieving.

We are re-imagining the way people communicate, connect and exchange funds and services throughout the world. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel with a new imaginary marketplace that may very well fail. Instead, we are combining the existing markets into one single hub – the e-Pocket super application. This will be the sole point of convergence for everything, where cryptocurrency or fiat money is used as a form of payment, goods and services are traded on a daily based, bills are paid, tickets are sold and, ultimately, the only place where consumers have endless choices at very affordable prices.

Imagine a world where a Senegalese woman from a small village in the business of selling high-quality craft having access to an Australian company looking to purchase high-quality craft in large quantities for mass distribution. We see e-Pocket as the platform that would allow this connection to be made and for these goods, services and payments to be exchanged directly and quickly. Imagine the positive social and economic impacts it will create. This is our vision - a truly connected world of endless possibilities!

What is e-Pocket token (EPT)?

The e-Pocket token (EPT) is a tradable digital asset or a tradable store of value, backed by e-Pocket Pty Ltd’s advanced state of the art technology and unique vision to revolutionise the way people buy, sell and exchange funds & services, regardless of their geographic location.

Why you should acquire the e-Pocket token (EPT)

The limited supply of the EPT makes it an extremely attractive investment opportunity. There is a total supply of only 64 million EPT tokens that will ever be in circulation around the world. This is a very low amount of token compared to other initial coin offerings.

When you invest in the EPT during our initial coin offering (ICO), you are acquiring a tradable digital asset that, like any other asset, has value because it can be traded for profit after the ICO on the different exchanges that will be listing the EPT. This means that investors don't have to hold on to the tokens long term and can trade them for cash if they choose.

The limited supply of the EPT together with the vision, ambition and the amazing technology behind this project make this ICO an opportunity you do not want to miss!

How will investors increase their e-Pocket token (EPT) investment?

If you are an EPT holder you will immensely benefit from holding our tokens:

If you hold on to your EPTs while they gain value as a tradable digital asset, let’s say you bought our token at 0.30 cent per token, and the price reaches $2 per token. If you still own 500 thousand tokens, you have made a highly profitable investment. Such increases are likely to happen in a very short period.

The EPT is backed by the e-Pocket advanced, state of the art software designed to provide a variety of services to the public. Provision of these services will incur a fee and will generate profits. This means that if you are a holder of our tokens, you can be making a profit as the value of the token increases while still having the ability to trade your coins at any time.

This a way for us to invite the public into being a part of the e-Pocket and have the opportunity to share the profits with our investors.

We simplify people’s lives through smart technologies, shaping today for a more exciting tomorrow. Are you with us?

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