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An advanced platform that delivers a sophisticated solution. Our range of services is diverse in a number of sectors including, Retail, Hospitality and Event management, E-billing and Marketing.

e-Pocket is a very innovative system attached to an intuitive mobile app. It is designed to revolutionise the entire transactional system through software that improves the way people organise and manage money, a unique solution designed to connect different industries.

How does it work?

e-Pocket is a web-based platform, where customers can register or purchase premium software applications, that are able to conduct tasks such as tracking receipts, bills, merchant services, and invoices. Users are able to customise the services provided, to choose from a variety of functions to fit their specific needs.

The system uses QR-code enabled technology to allow funds to be transferred from one account to another. The QR-code is encrypted and automatically generated by the system to every account holder at the time of their registration on the system.

To make a payment to another e-Pocket software user, whether it’s a business or individual, the payee initiates the scan of the QR-code with their smartphone or tablet. The system cleverly recognises the owner of the specific QR-code and initiates the payment. Our platform also stores all invoices and receipts, allowing you to retrieve it at any time.

e-Pocket has built up a large social community, where even event organisers and businesses can advertise, accept card payments, and get live notifications through the e-Pocket platform via push notifications. The platform is also equipped with a unique ticketing system that allows event organisers to have access to a portal linked to our system, where they can upload all their ticketing events for sale.

Bill payment case

With the e-Pocket software, the user can pay their bill by scanning business QR from business/supplier soft/hard bill copy, then select their method of payment (stored bank/credit card, e-Pocket wallet, or cryptocurrency). Business/supplier name and contact details are then recognised as the e-Pocket affiliate and displayed on user’s phone screen.

Subsequently, the user can enter transaction amount and validate payment. Both business terminal and user will receive the payment notification instantly.

Open e-Pocket app on your device and login

Scan QR code on your bill

Pick from your stored cards or e-Pocket wallet

Pay the bill

Advertising case

Event organisers have the option to send information about the events to their customer database registered to e-Pocket, via push notifications.

Open e-Pocket advertisment console and login

Send request and details to moderator

When all approved, pick from your stored cards or e-Pocket wallet

Pay and send your ads

Ticketing case

Event organisers may post their events from their own Admin panel with a whole range of settings at their disposal:

  • Upload flyers and preset date the tickets are released on the network
  • Enter and update all events details (tickets type and prices with customisable discounts options, release additional tickets, close tickets sale…)
  • View and manage in real time tickets sale and all relevant analytics
  • Send a link and push notifications to all their customer's database

Customer on their smartphone device may use their e-Pocket app to purchase their tickets selecting their preferred payment methods (bank/credit cards stored in their wallet, e-Pocket wallet balance or cryptocurrency exchange balance). The customer can then forward electronic tickets to family and friends, who also can print their receipts and tickets, or keep their tickets electronically to their devices to scan at the event venue gate.

Any tickets scanned will not be reusable.

For event organiser:

Open e-Pocket event admin console and login

Send request to sell tickets for an event

Event approved by e-Pocket moderator

Tickets released to public

For Customer:

Open e-Pocket app and login

Select the ticket

Pick from your stored cards or e-Pocket wallet

Pay for the ticket

e-Pocket competitive advantages

Secure payment system

Easy to use

Enables small businesses to remove the need for EFTPOS machines

New and advance billing payment option available to businesses and individuals at low cost

Powerful targeted marketing tool to a specific audience

Low fees

No establishment fee

e-Pocket software creates a new process to transfer funds overseas and locally

Electronically generated and stored receipts and invoices

Simply Sophisticated

CEO’s Note

The shift to a cashless society is at its peak around the world and this has less to do with just fashion and a lot to do with sheer convenience... without Government intervention consumers are making their preference clear: Electronic payment has become king, technology providers are continuously working on electronic payment options for consumers & merchants – and this is being led by consumer demands.

A recent survey showed that 84% of Australians have indicated that they would prefer paying for goods & services with their mobile phones.. so it is no longer a secret that the consumer tide is shifting both here and abroad – and the businesses who are prepared for the future are the ones that will reap the benefits...At e-Pocket this is where our unique imagination, technical skills and most importantly strong team execution abilities come into play, enabling us to build simple, safe, flexible and yet suitable technology to meet the needs of both consumers and businesses...

Meet our committed team


Tapha Faye B.B, N.E
Founder and CEO

Papa Gorgui Diop M.B, B.A
Vaults and Operations Manager

Igor Shparberg B.E, B.B
CFO and Communications Manager

Carly Siscos
Office Coordinator

Jacob Tsyrlin
OTC Desk

Blake Volovich
Business Development Manager

Yaroslav Pyptiuk
Head of UI/UX

Harshal Singhal

Shivansh Gupta

Ashna Gupta

Blockchain Engineer

Advisory panel


David Crundall
Co-Founder of Blue Sky Consulting,
CEO of Graco Pty Ltd

Prue Willsford

Andrea Marani
CEO and MD of OpenMarkets

Georgie Fidge
Head of Marketing of DEAKINCo

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